Thursday, November 21, 2019

Name of Newborn Child Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 500 words

Name of Newborn Child - Essay Example In the last few months of pregnancy, parents should start searching online and in baby books for possible names of their child. Usually, at this point in time, the gender of the child is known, hence names can be shortlisted accordingly. Preselects and shortlist the names that both of you prefer. Do not be stubborn when selecting possible names for your child and do not choose names on the name of your great great great grandfather who supposedly did many amazing things when he was living. You must consider that your child will be stamped with this name for his/her entire life; hence the name should be contemporary and must not be embarrassing for the child. A name can have a lasting impact on a child’s personality; hence, it is important to choose a name with a good meaning. Ensure that the name does not have any exceptionally embarrassing meaning in a few well-known languages. Also, ensure that the name has a meaning or quality that you would like to see in your child. Ensure that the name you have chosen sounds good with the child’s family name. It is acceptable to match the child’s name with your own and that of the child’s other siblings like some parents like all of their children’s names to begin with the same letter. However, do not make that the only important factor. Diversity is good, and if siblings have names that rhyme or sound alike, that is not an issue. The important thing is to consider a name that your child will feel comfortable with and appreciate all their life. Last but not the least, consult all your relatives and the child’s grandparents for possible suggestions. Look around you at names of other people that seem attractive to you. However, do not forget to consider the other mentioned factors before making the final selection. Although the saying says, â€Å"What’s in a Name?† names do tend to matter and should be chosen carefully (Cartel, 2012).  Ã‚  

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