Tuesday, December 10, 2019

King Arthur free essay sample

Welcome fellow royal subjects, family, and friends. We all are here for the same reason, to mourn over the loss of our dearest king, King Arthur. The world the past few days has seem like a whole new experience without him around. I have noticed less smiles on people’s faces, the rainy days have seemed longer, and the sun seems to shine less bright. Our beloved king was a kind sir who cared about each and every one of you. Where ever his soul may be now, we should acknowledge that he’s in a better place because we know he’s released from all the pain he had suffered from. King Arthur as a young child had a life very different to others. He never knew his real mother and father and was raised in a foster family. His foster father, Sir Ector, believed in tough love. Sir Ector gave Arthur a nick name, Wart. We will write a custom essay sample on King Arthur or any similar topic specifically for you Do Not WasteYour Time HIRE WRITER Only 13.90 / page Arthur was called this because he was almost a nuisance to the family. Sir Ector gave Arthur many duties as a child such as dishes, cooking, and sweeping. With so much responsibility, Arthur never really had the chance to be a child. Our King did however have many qualities as a child that were overlooked by his family. He was curious, brave, and loyal. The only one who ever appreciated and accepted Arthur for who he really was, was Merlyn. When Arthur was young, he wanted to become a squire when he grew up, but Merlyn believed in having a good education and wouldn’t allow that to happen. When Merlyn would tutor Arthur, Arthur would ask lots of questions. He was always striving to know more. Merlyn was loved by the family. When he had told everyone that he was leaving because the children didn’t need to be tutored anymore, Arthur had said his goodbyes in a depressing way and Sir Ector had said, â€Å"I think you’re a useful chap whatever happens. You just stay and teach me, or be the librarian or something. Don’t you leave an old man alone, after the children have flown† (White 1035). Merlyn helped Arthur discover himself and challenged him to do new things. Arthur was brave in many ways. An example of his bravery as a child happened when he was hunting with his foster brother, Kay, and was ordered to go into the woods. He wasn’t afraid of the woods even though most children most likely would’ve been. Our great King that was had come to know and love didn’t become King because he was an heir, he was chosen. When he went to London with his family for a tournament, he was Kay’s squire. Kay had forgotten his sword, and Arthur had to go back to the inn to get it. The Inn however was closed. â€Å"He turned his mount and cantered off along the street. There was a quiet church-yard at the end of it, with a kind of square in the front of the church door. In the middle of the square there was a heavy stone with an anvil on it, and a fine new sword was stuck through the anvil† (White 1038). Arthur pulled the sword out of the stone. He was the only one who had ever managed to do such a thing because he was the chosen one. This meant that he was now the king of Camelot. Arthur wasn’t all that excited to be the king though because he did not like having such power over people.

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