Monday, January 20, 2020

The Philosophy of Teaching Essay -- Education Teachers School Essays

My Philosophy of Teaching Philisophical teaching stratigies include the following disciplines, essentialism, existentialism, and many others. Of these stratigies the philisophicla approaches each include a distinct direction in the style and type of learning taking place. Lessons should include these philisophical teaching stratigies within there designed properties. Although all of the stratigies may be able to incorporate all learning disciplines and learning styles a lesson does not need to contain the entire array of philisophical stratigies. Informitive lessons may take place without all stratigies invovled. William Bagley's essentialsim is one of the philisophical styles which I find to be a large protion of the melting pot which I agree to. The essentialsim style is a basic philisophcial idea pertaining largely to math, science, history, and literature. This style of basic fundamentals can create a strong backbone of learning and knowledge. The essentialsim philosophy not only provides the student with a background in many disciplines and views, it also offers the student more. The student also gains by essentialism due to its influence of character. This building and concentration of character allow students not only to gain knowledge , but respect and confidense. Although this style is not my soul reliance. Essentialsim also focus's on the teacher more heavily. The idea follows the style of a larger group learning enviornment. This mass style learning allows for less individual attentiona nd intsruction. Not all students learn in mass groups and not all students require personal attention, thus the blend off other disciplined styles must be required. Essen... ... usefullness which it provides students. The curriculum is advantageous to the students as well as society, becuase it allows them to learn from previous mistakes and achievments and install those into their lives. My future educational goals after graduation are somewhat unorthadox in style compared to that of the average post graduate.Many graduates seek to continue their higher education at an institution where a masters or phd can be earned. I plan to recieve my post graduate studies at an institution of much lower levels. The curriculum I plan on teaching will provide a prfound and invaluable post graduate studies program for me. The actions of daily teaching coupled with the problem solving situations of daily school activities will engrain in me an understanding and furthured education which no higher educational institution can provide.

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